The easiest & Reliable way to Trade & Invest in Stock Market is to achieve Financial Freedom at your own pace...


💡Discover a trading technique based on understanding supply and demand ZONE.

💡 Follow clear rules that mimic the strategies of successful investors in the stock market.

💡 Learn how to plan your trade and time your trades well in advance.

💡 This method works for all types of trading, whether it's short-term, medium-term, or long-term.

💡 Beginners can easily achieve consistent monthly profits of 5% to 15%, which can grow to 15% to 30% after six months, all without needing to constantly monitor the live market.

💡 Use it to choose the right stocks for both trading and investing.

💡 Quickly identify the best stocks for the day, week, or month in just one minute.

💡 Anticipate at least a 1:5 potential return on investment in advance.

💡 With experience, you can aim for even higher returns like 1:10, 1:20, 1:30, and beyond.

💡 Identify the best times, intervals, trends, and zones for trading various stocks, whether you're trading short-term, medium-term, or long-term.

💡 By the end of this course, you'll feel confident in your ability to select stocks, execute trades, and make sound investment decisions.


📚 Learn how to trade confidently within a zone, without being tied to your charts.

📚 Gain the freedom to plan and execute trades outside of market hours.

📚 Discover a powerful yet lesser-known approach to trading/investing.

📚 We'll focus on key elements like time, intervals, trends, and zones, transforming your trading perspective.

📚 While we didn't create this strategy ourselves, it's a secret used by big players in the market, not widely known among individual traders.


✅ Anyone serious about Trading or Investment in the Stock market.

✅ Busy working professionals seeking a flexible trading solution

✅ Want to build wealth with minimal live market involvement

✅ Considering Stock Trading/Investment as a career

✅ Anyone who wants to understand the core & fundamental concepts of the Market before entering into the market

✅ Need a strategy for quick, quality trades in less time

✅ Seek reliable trading setups for consistent profits

✅ Want to grow their money from the Stock Market as a BUSINESS not as a GAMBLING


🌟 We will have a daily Live class of a minimum of 70 to 90 minutes at 09:30 PM sharp

🌟 You will get every class recording to our Learning Portal as per your enrolled plan

🌟 You can expect a minimum of 25 classes in one month duration, starting from 13th April 2024.

🌟 Post completion of the complete course every weekend we have one Masterclass + Q&A class.

🌟 We will cover Hourly Trade, Intraday, Swing Trade, and Positional Trade & Investment strategies using our technique i.e. Time, Interval, Trend & Zone

🌟 Post Live class you will get extra classes every month as a Bonus.

🌟 Community access + Support

How is Mr. Patil able to cover all his previous losses & able to generate 10 times per month after Learning and applying WMC + Momentum Strategy.

How is Ajeet Rana making over 3 Lakh rupees in 1 month from only 10,000 rupees trading capital after Learning and applying WMC + Momentum Strategy?


Don't believe us, believe them

MMDS is lit seriously I won't tell you how much I made but I personally found many trades above 1:10 RRR which I think is not an easy task with any indicator sometimes you might face some false signals but with consistency, you won't regret those false signal and if you filter those signal with any strategy like WMC then you take yourself on a next level


Student, CITA

Thank you so much from bottom of my heart mishra ji for this indicator, if we add WMC concept + risk management accurecy will be more than 90 % .


Student, CITA

MMDS is a miracle indicator. it works smoothly for all even for those who haven't any knowledge about trading. anyone can earn unlimited by using this indicator. Thank you Mishraji for providing us with this valuable indicator.

Dulal Gowsami

Student, CITA

This indicator very useful to a find trade and wmc concepts combination result is superb thank you mishraji to provide super startegy.

Dilshad Ansari

Student, CITA

Thank you so much mishra ji for this indicator, Success Rate 90% again Thankyou

Money Guru

Student, CITA

Effective trading strategies,90% of success rate

Phool Singh

Student, CITA

Mind Blowing Trading strategy Got So many profitable trades in few hours daily.

Vaibhav Sagar

Student, CITA

MMDS Is very useful Indicator... I made my $50 into $605... Thanks to Sanjay Sir made MMDS Indicator & Made awesome all courses...

Praful Patil

Student, CITA

I give it 5 star because I feel very satisfied with MMDS... 100% great strategy it help me to trade profitably. Thank you thank you thank you Sanjay Sir. अगर MMDS के सात WMC जोड दिया तो फिर सुपर से भी उपर more than 85% result दे रहा है

Avinash Wasule

Student, CITA

This quick momentum Strategy and Indicators are Best till date I have used .....I'm using this Indicator with More confidence and getting confirmed Trade entries now....Did 7x my TF now using this Strategy...Thank you so much.while using this Indicator we should Draw Support and resistance at our chart. I hope more people will be benefited with this Indicator...

Amit Kumar

Student, CITA

Great knowledge sir,MMDS is very useful and profitable indicator. Thank you very much Sanjay sir.


Student, CITA

This is indeed an incredible achievement from Sanjay sir where if one knows WMC concept combined with this awesome indicator can really fetch someone good % gains with negligible risk management. Kudos to Sanjay Sir!!!

Hasan Saikh

Student, CITA

The indicators are really helpful to find trades easily and with the WMC strategy, it works very well!


Student, CITA

This strategy using WMC will change your life. And if anyone want to change their life then take action to learn both. The indicator will give you unlimited trades and apply it with WMC and if you practised well you may get accuracy of more than 90% Thankyou Sanjay sir for creating such course to educate us.

Ajeet rana

Student, CITA

Very nice strategy Mishra Ji. So far 94% trades in profit. 18 trades.


Student, CITA

100% Valuable indicator. If we combine WMC concept with this indicator then accuracy of trade is more than 92% . Great work for community Sir and thanks for this kind of indicator for us.

Rohtas Sonsi

Student, CITA

I like it's simplicity even newbie can find trade with the help of this strategy it's so simple for trading and very effective

Vivek Rajgarhia

Student, CITA

If you want to Earn 5% to 10 % Daily in 10 minutes, then this indicator works wonders.

Priya Ranjan

Student, CITA

Good strategy.. getting good results if we stick to the Rules.👍

Kuldeep Verma

Student, CITA

Trading is easy with the help of basic momentum strategy , 1℅ is easy to achieve.. waiting for Sanjay ji to reveal what is hidden in advance stretegy..

Vinda Mishra

Student, CITA

Very good

Dasjarath Prasad Gupta

Student, CITA


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